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STUFF HAPPENS… to all of us

Stuff Happens - all new for that favourite little man in your life...

Stuff Happens – all new for that favourite little man in your life…

Ned’s arrived!

This is pretty cool, my new book Ned has arrived at home, and in Libraries and shops all over the place.  Ned goes to Monvale Primary – he’s a pretty cool kid but ends up at the principals office before 10AM on the first day of Grade 5. He doesn’t even know what he’s done wrong.  His teacher hates him but loves his older brother and sister, he’s got just about no mates in his class and, well, it pretty much sucks to be him… or does it?

I hope you like Ned as much as I liked writing it.  I’ve been running around a bit, chatting to people who are into the idea of books for boys, not just to give them a laugh, but to get them reading and talking as well.



A bit about Andrew


Andrew was born Andrew Dugald Daddo on February 18, 1967.

For the whole of his childhood he wondered what he’d done to his parents to give him a middle name like Dugald. Then he thought about his twin brothers’ middle name – Beilby – and realised all he’d done was be born a twin and they would be both have to live with weird middle names as a kind of funishment. Yes, that’s funishment, a fun punishment!

It was only later the two boys discovered that Dugald and Beilby were both special family names and since then Andrew and Jamie have stopped pretending they didn’t have middle names at all.

For Andrew, school was normal. There were broken arms and fingers, scrapes and scratches, girlfriends, hot chips and a football team that refused to win a premiership. There was even a fight. Just one – in grade six. And it was enough for him to realise that fighting would not be his thing because unless you were really good at it, you got hurt.

Ned is Andrew’s 25th book for children


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